How to Create Small Groups That Work

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Small Groups Are the #1 Factor in Church Growth

Small groups "are the most crucial factor in the health and growth of churches," according to research by Natural Church Development. Yet so few churches have successful small group ministries.

If you've struggled to create small groups that work, this downloadable guide will help you transform your small group ministry. Get the tips and strategies you need to succeed. You'll learn: 

  • 9 Things Every Small Group Should Do
  • 6 Ways Successful Small Groups Segment Their Time
  • 4 Coaching Tips to Replicate Your Success
  • Plus, 2 Bonus Sections

How to Create Small Groups That Work is based on biblical principles and proven research. The lead author of this guide, Tom Ward, explains why he undertook this project:

"As a pastor for over 40 years, I was often overwhelmed—you've got limited resources and limited time. And small groups were always a pain point—how do you make them work? I wanted answers, so we dug through a mountain of research and pulled out the proven best practices of the most successful small groups. Now, other pastors can put these strategies to work and repeat their successes year after year."

***This is a 21-page downloadable PDF. Once you place your order and we process your payment you'll have immediate access to How To Create Small Groups That Work.***