Together With You Brochure

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Tri-fold brochure
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The message of this full-color, tri-fold brochure is that God designed the church to be a place where the word together takes on new meaning and significance. Being part of a church means growing, serving, and worshipping together.

The unique semi-custom layout allows you to customize the brochure with your church logo, photos, maps, ministries, and a message from the pastor.

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500 brochures $250 ($0.50/brochure)
1,000 brochures $320 ($0.32/brochure)
2,500 brochures $550 ($0.22/brochure)
5,000 brochures $750 ($0.15/brochure)
10,000 brochures $1,200 ($0.12/brochure)
20,000 brochures $2,200 ($0.11/brochure)


How to Order

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